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Age 23
Weight 52
Measurements 38-36-38
Build Curvy
Height 5' 7"
Eyes Black
Nationality Indian
Languages Hindi, English
Location Uday Park

Tariff Package

Time Duration In Call Out Call In Call Out Call
1 Hour Rs.15,000 Rs.20,000 $ 224 $ 300
1,1/2 Hours Rs.20,000 Rs.25,000 $ 300 $ 375
2 Hours Rs.25,000 Rs.30,000 $ 375 $ 450
3 Hours Rs.30,000 Rs.35,000 $ 450 $ 525
Dinner Date POA Rs.35,000 Rs.40,000 $ 525 $ 600
OverNigth Rs.40,000 Rs.45,000 $ 600 $ 675
Full Day Rs.60,000 Rs.65,000 $ 900 $ 1000

When you spend time with people who are always fussy about most trivial of things or who take out the charm from your life, all that you will feel is utmost energy less & lethargic. Many men across globe are having lots of sex in their lives, but still when they see any youthful lady, all they cannot help is to get turned on. There is a magic in sexual energy that makes men sing the tunes of a romantic symphony when they have it all from the salacious divas from our reputed escort’s agency. Not only this, the mushy talks, the romantic conversations that we have with our ladies is so mesmerizing that men only go weak on their knees for our alluring ladies from VIP Escorts Agency in Uday Park.

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